A Rights-Based Framework for the SDGs and Beyond: A Framework Convention on Global Health
This briefing paper provides the overall vision of the FCGH, how the FCGH would respond to 4 core failings of national and global governance for health, possible treaty models of treaties and other international frameworks that the FCGH could learn from, and an FCGH call to action, including for a WHO FCGH working group.


FCGH supporters urge Dr. Tedros to support the FCGH
Dozens of NGOs and global health leaders from around the world call for the new WHO Director-General, Dr. Tedros, to establish a WHO FCGH Working Group to explore the potential benefits, principles, and parameters of the FCGH.


The Framework Convention on Global Health: Addressing Frequently Raised Issues
Much like a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document, this document points to a number of key issues that people may be curious about regarding the FCGH, such as the need for a treaty on the right to health when the right is already in international law, the need for a treaty rather than non-binding law, and the mechanisms that the FCGH could include.


Framework Convention on Global Health Background Briefing: The Right to Health

Platform for a Framework Convention on Global Health: Realizing the Universal Right to Health
Building on the FCGH Manifesto of 2012, the FCGH Platform launched the FCGH Alliance predecessor — the Platform for an FCGH — explained the need for an FCGH and offered the fundamental principles that would guide its core content.

Steering Committee of FCGH Platform letter to Ban-Ki Moon to urging inclusion of process for developing an FCGH in the SDGs


Health for All: Justice for all (The FCGH Manifesto)
This Manifesto was an early global call to action to join the campaign for the FCGH, laying out the case for the FCGH, rooted in human rights, global health justice, and social justice, and key principles of the FCGH, while calling for communities, civil society, and all people to insist upon the right to health.