Imagining Global Health with Justice: Transformative Ideas for Health and Well-Being While Leaving No One Behind (The Georgetown Law Journal)
The authors make the case that the FCGH, along with a Right to Health Capacity Fund and health equity programs of action, should be pillars of a post-COVID-19 rights-based global health architecture aimed at global health with justice, and detail how each of these three instruments and mechanisms could operate.


The Next WHO Director-General’s Highest Priority: A Global Treaty on the Human Right to Health (Lancet Global Health)
Global health leaders from around the world make the case for why the right to health and the FCGH should be the highest priority of the incoming (2017) WHO Director-General, who could by “seizing the potential of the FCGH…..launch a historic effort to align national and global governance for health with human rights, bringing the world closer to global health with justice.”

A Vote for the World’s Health, Absent From the Headlines (DevEx)
Precious Matsoso, the Director-General of South Africa’s Department of Health, and Mushtaque Chowdhury, Vice Chair of BRAC, make the case for why the FCGH should be a top priority for the incoming (2017) WHO Director-General, including how in a world with nationalist populism on the rise, “Joining together in this treaty would bring countries together in a common venture for global health — and help heal a fractured world.”

An Independent Review and Accountability Mechanism for the Sustainable Development Goals: The Possibilities of a Framework Convention on Global Health (Health and Human Rights Journal)
This article explains how the FCGH “could establish a nuanced, layered, and multi-faceted regime of compliance and accountability to the right to health” and, in the process, “significantly strengthen accountability for the health-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).”


Imagining Global Health with Justice: In Defense of the Right to Health (Health Care Analysis)
This article offers core content of the FCGH and points to the tremendous value the FCGH could have in creating a global governance for health founded on the right to health, while mounting a passionate defense against criticisms of founding global governance for health in the right to health. 


Towards a Framework Convention on Global Health: A Transformative Agenda for Global Health Justice
Beginning a discussion of the persistence and depth of global health inequities, this Article offers a systematic account of the goals and justifications for the FCGH, its normative foundations, and potential construction of an FCGH, grounded in the human right to health.


A Framework Convention on Global Health: A Catalyst for Justice (WHO Bulletin)
Michel Sidibé, the Executive Director of UNAIDS, and UNAIDS chief strategist Kent Buse point to the FCGH as a way to “rekindl[e] our common interest in the right to health,” with the potential for the FCGH to be “a catalyst to making justice in global health a common cause.”