FCGH Alliance Statement on COVID-19

The Framework Convention on Global Health (FCGH) Alliance extends our condolences to all the families of the victims of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our thoughts are also with the courageous frontline workers around the world who, along with their families, are risking their lives to provide essential services to the public as we work to overcome this pandemic.

We join NGOs and individuals from across the globe in calling for an immediate coordinated, equitable and human rights-based global response to COVID-19. We call on governments to undertake coordinated global action, to work closely with civil society organizations, the public health community, and international organizations in the global response. As outlined in the above call, this response should:

  • Provide financial and expert resources required for a response that is maximally effective and protective of vulnerable populations
  • Maximize supply and share health resources globally, equitably and based on need
  • Distribute therapies and vaccines equitably, based on need
  • Protect people who lack protection from own governments.

The FCGH Alliance will remain dedicated in our advocacy efforts to avoid such devastating loss of life, livelihoods, suffering and disruption from happening again. We believe a global health treaty based on the right to health, such as an FCGH, would contribute to preventing a pandemic and saving lives through an internationally agreed set of principles and standards that enable governments to more effectively contain novel and emerging infectious diseases, from local outbreaks to pandemics. It would work to help governments support each other through international cooperation, investments in resources for health and sharing resources, knowledge and effective control strategies.

When the world overcomes the immediate global crisis and we all begin to recover and rebuild, we ask for you to join us in calling on national governments and world leaders to further prioritize the right to health through developing an FCGH.

To support our efforts and become member of the FCGH Alliance please email us or submit an application for membership.

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