Action plans towards a Global Treaty for our Right to Health

 Imagining a future Global Health Treaty grounded in the need to strengthen accountability to the right to health and close unconscionable national and global health inequalities.

Online Consultation Forum
15th – 16th April 2021

Objective 1
To consider an African response to support the call for a Global Health Treaty drafted by the Framework Convention on Global Health (FCGH) Alliance

Objective 2
To make recommendations for the adoption of the Global Health Treaty to the Regional Committee for Africa – 71st Session on 23-27 August 2021


 The objective of this consultation forum is to gather stakeholder perspectives on supporting a global treaty on strengthening the right of everyone to the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health. See a draft of this treaty here. It is intended that the treaty will bring greater accountability to the right to health. The treaty remains in early stages of development and its draft is meant to help launch a dialogue to the many issues that must be determined through broad, inclusive and extensive participatory processes with the perspectives and priorities of people most affected by health inequities. The consultation will be based around three important themes through which action plans on improving compliance with the right to health, empowering people to claim and enforce the right to health and defining state responsibilities for quality health services alongside protection against financial risk can be achieved. 

15th April 2021

1:30pm – 2:30pm

Consultation Theme 1: Public Understanding of the Right to Health

General Obligations of Cooperation

Under this theme, participants will discuss country experiences on how States have cooperated through financial and technical support to achieve the right to health and helped counter pandemic related health barriers. Discussion can be focused on gendered dimensions of health, pandemic preparedness, investments in science and technology, philanthropy, research collaboration, health funding among others

Enhancing Cooperation

Participants will discuss the pandemic related inequalities that remain unaddressed and recommend action steps to address those inequalities. Participants will signal whether they support a global health treaty and whether this treaty has the potential to deliver a sustainable and agreeable approach to universal health coverage and addressing the health inequalities identified

16 April 2021

1:30pm – 2:15pm

Consultation Theme 2: Accountability for the Right to Health

 Health as part of a New Development Model

Under this theme, participants will assess the nexus between health and development. They will discuss State responsibility towards progressive achievement of health as part of its economic model and development

Revenue Mobilisation 

Participants will discuss State fiscal responsibility towards implementing the Right to Health. What fiscal principles and measures are required to hold States accountable to finance health. Participants will signal whether a global health treaty has the potential to secure consistent, accountable and contextualized health funding at grassroot levels and the action steps needed to ensure health finance accountability 

2:15pm – 3:00pm

Consultation Theme 3: Action Steps Towards a Global Treaty on the Right to Health

 Domestic Approaches

Participants will reflect on targeted actions steps that can be taken at country level to advocate for a global treaty on health

Continental Approaches

Participants will reflect on targeted steps that can be taken at regional or continental level to advocate for a global treaty on health


Professor Miriam Were, FCGH Alliance

Dr. Paul Ogendi, University of Nairobi, Kenya

Learnmore Nyamudzanga, Zimbabwe

Donasius Pathera, Malawi

Luke Kapchanga, Emonyo Yefwe Interrnational

Odero Odero, Civic and Legal Aid Organization (CILAO) 

Allan Murangira, YTJN, Uganda

Joan Atim, Uganda

Wilfred Wamugunda, Kenya

Jasper Timring Gambo, Nigeria

Lukman Haruna, Nigeria

David Zezai, Zimbabwe

CIDEP Burundi

Defny Holidin, Germany

Collins Shava, AACC, Zimbabwe

Emmanuel Ajal, TOFI, Uganda

Ivan Mugabi, Uganda

Metji Makgoba, South Africa

Dorothy Jebet, Kenya

Carine Bambara, BondRoseline

Kihumba, HelpAge International

Organized and Hosted by

Contact: Lyla Latif
on Twitter @LylaALatif

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