FCGH Alliance Membership Meeting


Welcome & opening remarks

Leigh Kamore Haynes, Chair of the Executive Committee

History and development of the FCGH proposal

Eric Friedman, Member of the Executive Committee

Membership engagement in advancing the FCGH

Kawaldip Sehmi, Member of the Executive Committee
Joan Atim, Member of the FCGH Alliance
Leigh Kamore Haynes, Chair of the Executive Committee

Open discussion

Final words & closing remarks

Leigh Kamore Haynes, Chair of the Executive Committee

FCGH as a response to central challenges in global health and achieving the right to health

Advancing Women’s and Children’s Health: The Value of the Framework Convention on Global Health
The FCGH, with human rights and equity as overriding goals and principles, could help address deep discrimination which harm the health of women and children across the globe.

The Framework Convention on Global Health: An empowering International Instrument to Advance the Right to Health
An FCGH can empower governments, especially ministries of health, to promote equity and participation, to enable Health in All Policies, and to protect against commercial determinants of health in international agreements and domestically.

Reform or Revolution in Global Health?
Beyond a pandemic treaty, the global response to COVID-19 requires adequate preparation for future pandemics and a response to deep inequity through a global health infrastructure built on principles of equality and human rights. This is why we advocate for an FCGH.

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Website resources

About the FCGH
Provides information about the structure of the FCGH Alliance and FCGH proposal itself, including frequently asked questions.

The FCGH Alliance library is a wealth of information providing important analysis and critique of the FCGH proposal.

FCGH Alliance blog
The blog shares commentary, news, and publications from the FCGH Alliance and our members. Everyone is welcome to contribute! Contact Leigh.

Drafting the treaty
Dedicated to generating discussion on what the potential treaty may look like

Key Principles of an FCGH
Outlines the overarching goals of an FCGH and the principles undergirding them.

Restoring Dignity and Equity through the Right to Health
In this video, Professor Lawrence Gostin explains how the FCGH work towards achieving the right to health.

Key documents & publications

Framework Convention on Global Health: A Legal Foundation for Sustainable Health Equity
This briefing paper explains specific mechanisms this proposed treaty on global health might provide to achieve accountability for the right to health, the power of a legally binding instrument, and its urgent need in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Rights-Based Framework for the SDGs and Beyond: A Framework Convention on Global Health
This briefing paper provides the overall vision of the FCGH, how the FCGH would respond to 4 core failings of national and global governance for health, possible treaty models of treaties and other international frameworks that the FCGH could learn from, and an FCGH call to action, including for a WHO FCGH working group.

Imagining Global Health with Justice: Transformative Ideas for Health and Well-Being While Leaving No One Behind (The Georgetown Law Journal)
The authors make the case that the FCGH, along with a Right to Health Capacity Fund and health equity programs of action, should be pillars of a post-COVID-19 rights-based global health architecture aimed at global health with justice, and detail how each of these three instruments and mechanisms could operate.